MEIWA always remembers a challenging spirit and we have engaged into a new field.

Since the establishment of the company, we have specialized in manufacturing matrix, precision gear, high-precision machinery production, and reduction drive. Making the best use of our experience, we now expand beyond our own immediate areas of business, and strive to take on bigger challenges in the area of aerospace industry.
All the members of our team are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Our involvement in the aerospace industry.

Our latest activities (associations and lectures)

  • 2009 Aircraft and Aerospace Industry Seminar
  • 2010 Aerospace Industrial Technology Core-Human Resources Training
  • 2011 Aerospace Industrial Technology Core-Human Resources Training
  • 2011 Membership in Hiroshima Aerospace Society
  • 2011 Membership in MANTEN project (Japan SME Aerospace Consortium)
  • 2011 JISQ9100 Internal Auditing Seminar
  • 2012年 JISQ9100 Internal Auditing Seminar

Attending exhibition

  • 2011 Aerospace Industry Exhibition Tokyo (ASET)
  • 2012 Japan International Aerospace Exhibition (JA2012) 
  • 2013 Aerospace Industry Exhibition Tokyo (ASET)

Oversea Inspection

  • Paris Air Show (France)
  • Connecticut Aircraft Factory (America)

MEIWA’s involvement in Aerospace Industry

This is our challenge to be a reliable supplier of products in the new area.
Although aerospace industry requires very high level of accuracy and strong credibility, we make the best use of our own long-term nurtured skills and know-how, keep striving to reflect them into manufacturing aircraft parts.

  • April 2012 JISQ 9100 (ISO9001) certified
  • April 2012 JISQ 9001(ISO 9001)certified