MEIWA has been aiming for “human-machine-nature” symbiotic relations and seeking a way to the environmentally responsible manufacturing process.

We put a high priority on keeping a best balance between industrial development and nature.
While making our lives convenient, we must keep raising an awareness of an importance of conserving natural environment. This is because we must pass down our environment to child, one generation after next.
Combining our long-term nurtured skills with environmental needs, MEIWA launches our environmental activity (Eco-Action 21) concerning recycling and environmental conservation.
We believe that sustainability should always integrate human comfort. Therefore, we make the real actions to recycling resources and energy conservation. MEIWA takes an important role of a gear that creates and operates a better future for both human life and nature.

Company Policy

MEIWA makes continuous efforts to win customer trust.


Work hard, live better.
The workers are the company. People are their hearts.

Company name
MEIWA Kosakusho. Co., Ltd. (MEIWA Works. Co., Ltd.)
April 1925
Head Office
Cooperative Association Center for Fukuyama Iron Works,
4-14-12 Senda-Cho, Fukuyama-Shi, Hiroshima
TEL:084-955-2122 FAX:084-955-3597
Toll Free:0120-02-2122/FAX 0120-88-3597
Representative Director Harunaka Kikuta
Board Member
Director Takashi Arai
Director Akiko Kikuta
Auditor  Yoko Kikuta
Description of Business
Precision Machining・Fabrication・High-precision Gear・Reduction Drive・Environment Equipment〈Planetary Reduction Drive〉〈Overhauls〉〈Design・Production〉
Business Location Overseas
・Korea office 1520-8, 1 Dong, Dadae-Dong, Saha-gu ,Busan.
・Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City representative office
Manager:Chung Gok Hung  
TEL・FAX 0084-8-6291-6931
【International procurement services】Busan (Korea), Dalian & Taiwan (China)
95,000,000 yen


By car

  • 5 minutes from Sanyo Expressway, Fukuyama Higashi I.C. to the direction of Fuchu/Tojyo. (Depending on the traffic). Turn left at the signboard of Cooperative Association Center for Fukuyama Iron Works.

By JR train

  • Approximately 20 minutes by taxi from JR Sanyo Shinkansen, Fukuyama-station.
  • Approximately 25 minutes by local bus from JR Sanyo-honsen, Fukuyama-station. Get off at the bus stop, Futatsugawa.
  • 30 minutes on foot from JR Fukuen-sen, Yoko-station.
  • Limited NOZOMI express stops at Fukuyama. (Approximately every 1 hour)

Please contact us if you have any inquiries.

  • Cooperative Association Center for Fukuyama Iron Works,4-14-12 Senda-Cho, Fukuyama-Shi, Hiroshima #720-0017
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